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I am in love. I thought I would never feel this way again. But here I am swooning like a lovesick teenager...over my new kitchen. Anthony Grealy (aka AMG Construction) and his merry band of consummate professionals made it all come together.

When we decided to finally undertake our kitchen remodel we were bound and determined not to end up in contractor hell. You know, like all the stories you hear about- jobs taking months longer than estimated, costs going way over budget, contractor missing in action etc. Shades of Eldin the contractor guy from Murphy Brown who seemed to move in and never finished lingered in our minds. So we interviewed more than a half dozen contractors to try and find the right fit. Anthony's price estimate was reasonable and his estimate for how long the job would take was one month less than our other *finalist*. So we checked references, considered all options and picked AMG.

We could not be happier with our choice. Anthony has been great. He is hardworking-even when the Bay Bridge went out he and his guys showed up on BART to work. (I thought contractors did not go anywhere without their trucks.) The hard work is also excellent and detail oriented work. Anthony is reliable, fair and reasonable in every way. Anthony was also highly responsive -he made himself available to answer questions pretty much whenever we had one. When there was even a minor change to the estimate, Anthony explained what was going on and why there was a change. (i.e dry rot found) Anthony also was good natured about flip flopping decision making and took it all in stride. Thankfully, Anthony also has a sense of humor. When you have someone in your home daily for months ripping out walls and going in your closets a sense of humor is pretty damn important. The AMG crew and subcontractors were all courteous and honest as well.

So no horror stories or nightmares to tell here. Just a dream kitchen come true in the time frame promised. All is truly copasetic.
Melinda Frey + Rockridge + Oakland

AMG Construction has worked with me on a variety of projects for the better part of our four years. I have found Anthony to be hghly professional and very easy to work with. He has consistently met my high expectations in realizing my vision and facilitating the creative process. In my business, good working relationships are key to getting the job done with minimal stress. Anthony and John’s integrity is above reproach, and he always completes my projects within budget. Perhaps the highest compliment I can give Anthony is that I chose his company to renovate my own home in 2004. The result was exactly what I expected: first rate work, completed on schedule and within budget.
Cass Calder Smith + CCS Architecture + San Francisco

"AMG has successfully completed several projects for me over the past few years. I have the highest of praise for Anthony and John Paul and the rest of AMG's construction team.

AMG is my first choice for challenging and detail oriented projects that require quick problem solving and extensive hand-holding. They seems to always figure out a way to overcome every hurdle and do it with great enthusiasm, flexibility and humor.

Anthony, John Paul and their crew are the ultimate team players, have great relationships with their subcontractors and suppliers, and all of our clients have had very positive experiences under challenging project conditions. I thoroughly enjoy working with AMG and can highly recommend their services."
Spencer Decker + Architect + San Francisco

"I've worked with at least 50 contractors of varying size over the last 30 years, both as an architect and a client and this firm has really surpassed my expectations at every turn. Most especially i appreciate John Paul's integrity, and the fact that he is always 2 steps ahead of me."
Nan Grand Jean + Architect + San Francisco

Anthony Grealy and his crew never disappoint. CCS Architecture (and myself) have been working with AMG Construction for years, on a number of projects including high end residential, restaurant, and commercial applications. Not only does our staff highly recommend them to clients, but many of us have worked with them on our own projects as well.

AMG is professional, budget oriented and extremely reliable. Very easy to work with, Anthony is a stickler for detail and always makes himself available to discuss your questions. Even more, he is extremely knowledgeable in the industry and can always recommend great sub's for any misc. work. His entire staff is friendly and does a spectacular job every time! I would highly recommend them to everyone (and have been doing so for 8 years!)
Melissa Werner + CCS Architecture + San Francisco

AMG just finished an 8 month project for my design firm and their performance was flawless. Anthony is well organized and his crew is professional and extremely hard working. He finished the job slightly ahead of schedule -- unheard of in this business --in spite of his attention to the smallest details. Not only was I pleased with the work but the clients were thrilled with their home. I hope we have many jobs together in the future.
Jacques Saint Dizier + Saint Dizier Design + Healdsburg

“Anthony and John Paul of AMG Construction did an excellent job of building the private dining room addition to Terzo. The restaurant was open during the entire course of construction, making the space very tight and timelines critical. AMG Construction worked well with our architect, Cass Calder Smith Associates, then set a schedule and kept it. Their subs were professional and costs came within projections. I would highly recommend AMD Construction.”
Laurie Thomas + Terzo, Rose Pistola, Roses Café + San Francisco

To Whom it May Concern;
I had the opportunity to work with Anthony Grealy and John Paul on the remodel of my architectural office in San Francisco, and have high praise for his workmanship and strong work ethic. Anthony and John completed their work on schedule, within budget, and with no change orders! I have worked for 25 years in the design and construction industries and Anthony and John are one of a few contractors I would recommend again to anyone looking for a superlative professional.
Bruce Slesinger + Architect + BAT Design + San Francsco

The words of praise I have to Anthony and John’s meticulous work would fill a thick tome. I not only enjoyed Anthony and John’s good humor, but was impressed with their can-do attitude even when they were under the gun to make a deadline or an inspection.

Whether it was crafting an intricate piece of joinery or coordinating large cranes hoisting and placing my 10 ton steel arches into place, all was handled with care and precision. I submit my highest recommendation to anyone considering Mr. Grealy and Mr. Paul!
Tom Collom + Architect + Oakland

We had Anthony, John Paul and the AMG Team do two renovation projects for us, one large and one small, both with a very picky architect. Their work was superb and done in a timely fashion. Anthony and John are really great combination of fine artist and contractor. They were great at getting the fine details correct and does this with aplomb. Their communication skills are excellent and they call a spade a spade. It was refreshing working with people who will simply not do something if it does not meet with their high level of build quality. Their work was of very high quality and they stand behind what they do. They also ran projects on time and kept us apprised of changes and details. Absolutely recommend without reservation. You might find cheaper, but you will not find better.
Dr Paul Turek + Professor Urology UCSF + San Francsco

In 2006 we decided to add a fire place and air controlled walk in wine room to our family room. We interviewed four Contractors for this project. Anthony Grealy and John Paul of AMG Construction won the project hands down. Their enthusiasm for the project from the beginning was excellent. While continually offering their expertise and they never lost sight of our vision for this project. Mr. Grealy and Mr. Paul was an amazing Maestro for the Orchestra of Craftsmen they brought into our home for this project – Carpenter, Plumber, electrician, Tiler, Carpet Company, Painter. All of their subcontractors were efficient, courteous and completed their task in a timely manner. The same can be said of Mr. Grealy and Mr. Paul themself. Not only did they complete the project within the estimated price but they were done in the estimated time frame. We would strongly recommend AMG Construction and truly hope they’re available for our next renovation in 2008.
Jim Walters + Diamond Heights + San Francisco

Professional, reliable and detail oriented. A.M.G. constructed a complicated three tier deck and firewall and completed the task within timeframe and budget originally proposed. This is the first construction company that hasn't caused me to blow budget or fuse! I highly recommend their services.
James Pendle + Bernal Heights + San Francisco

Anthony Grealy and his team did a great job for me on my deck. They collaborated with a designer to come up with an efficient, cost effective solution. The work was well done in a timely manner and was very reasonable. I'd recommend them to anyone.
Dennis Williams + North Beach + San Francisco

Anthony Grealy and his crew work magic with wood, stone and metal. They have done a number of carpentry projects in my house over the years and recently completed a major kitchen remodel. They are timely and efficient. They were responsive to my detailed specifications and i trusted them completely. They didn't let me down and kept the project moving forward when i left town for a month. They also took great care in protecting surfaces and being proactive about anticipating problems.

We love our new kitchen and will gladly work with AMG again in the future.

Ari Salomon + Castro + San Francisco

AMG Construction has helped me with a number of projects on my home, the most significant of which was an overhaul of my back patio and garden area, which involved the building of a beautiful retaining wall and the installation of lighting and watering systems. They were very responsive and professional, quite reasonably priced, and carried out the project with lightning speed on short notice. I was extremely pleased with the end result, and would recommend them to anyone who needs top-quality craftsmanship.
Vince Novak + Castro + San Francisco

Anthony is dedicated and thorough. He did a great job, renovating a room for me and really did quality work for the right price. He is also responsive and courteous. He works with a great team as well. I have worked with many contractors over the years.. and he is really everything you'd want--honest, direct and efficient. I'd recommend him highly.
Lauren Williams + North Beach + San Francisco
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