San Francisco Kitchen Remodel
Remodeling your kitchen can be quite a project, causing plenty of headaches, disruptions in your normal way of life, and dusty messes. Having completed many San Francisco kitchen remodels, AMG Construction has seen the light. Here are a few reasons why your San Francisco kitchen remodel will be worth it in the long run and some tips on how to prepare for the remodel process.

Investing in your home Depending on the scope of your kitchen remodel, you can invest $14,000 for a minor remodel to as much as $82,000 for a high-end project. Fortunately, most of this cost will be given back to you as the value of your home will rise – 85% to 95% of investment recouped according to some sources. This shouldn’t necessarily be a prime motivation, however. The aesthetic and functional value of your own San Francisco kitchen remodel should also figure into your ROI.

Creating more usable space Your kitchen is a very practical room in your house. Because of this, kitchens are often overcrowded with utensils. Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to gain more space. For instance, utilizing an island in your San Francisco home is a great way to provide more storage and counter space.

Preparing for the remodeling project You may be blinded with all of the wonderful prospects of a finished San Francisco kitchen remodel, but having your kitchen remodeled can cause some disruptions in your normal way of life. You use your kitchen every day. How can you minimize the pain of temporarily losing such an important area of your home?

  • Separate the items that you use every day. Place them in a spot where you can easily grab them when needed.
  • When you’re boxing up your kitchen items, make sure to label everything descriptively. This will save you a big headache when it’s time to put every item back in their place.
  • Make a few large meals ahead of the kitchen remodel and store them in the freezer. You might not be able to use your appliances; this just makes it easier to eat without having to go out to eat all the time.

For more ideas, consultation, or a quote on San Francisco kitchen remodel, call AMG Construction at (415) 235-7399, or fill out the forms on our contact us page.
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